National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents

National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents. The Professional Association for Fugitive Recovery Agents, Bail Enforcement Agents & Bounty Hunters


Through SkipNet,  NAFRA members and Licensed Bail Agents  have access to a directory of professional Fugitive Recovery Agents and Skip Tracers across the United States & the Globe.

Additionally, members and licensed bail agents can profile fugitives on our Bail Bond Fugitive - Wanted List.


As the national voice and advocate of the bail bond fugitive recovery industry, the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents provides  guidance to lawmakers and regulators in the form of legislation framework and policy recommendations.

The President serves as the spokesperson of the Association and responds to all Media inquiries.


At the NAFRA we receive a significant amount of inquiries about careers and professional development in the fugitive recovery industry. In response, we have developed a Category (A) Apprentice membership specifically for individuals that are new to the profession or aspiring to enter the profession. 

Click Here for more information about becoming an Apprentice Member.